Jul 7, 2011

Ben Howard

In a perfect world I would wake up every morning and go surfing and then spend my afternoons making music. My reality is that I've got an irrational fear of sharks and my music making abilities haven't come further than the recorder. This is Ben Howard, and he is living this perfect life.  He reminds me so much of my friends back home in California. We spent a bizarrely hot afternoon running around an old house in London taking pictures for his new album which should be coming out any day now. Thanks to Alex Forsey for his lighting skills and to the Duke of Uke for the fancy guitar.
Dear bootleggers, these images are copyrighted. They are for the use of Ben Howard and his management team. It is illegal to steal these images and sell them in any way.


Mischa Barton Bags said...

Great Pictures!!

William Brown said...

Which picture made it on to the front cover of the Ben Howard album? Some brilliant ones there. Great music for my iPhone 5

Anonymous said...

So I couldn't use one of these pics as my fb timeline cover could I?