Jun 6, 2011

Debbie Harry

I love it when I get to shoot my idols. Can't even explain how nervous I was leading up to this shoot but as soon as she walked in everything went calm. She is so easy to photograph, so easy to talk to. The whole day was perfect. You can find the full interview in The Stool Pigeon today! Thanks to Alex Forsey for lighting, Deborah Brinder for hair and make up, Helen Macintyre for the set, and Andre Laing for assisting. 


Richard Kienhuis said...

Thank you very much for sharing those great Debbie Harry shots.
There are new promo pics of her out now but they are not human anymore (too much photoshop), in these pictures I see a real woman and she touches me in the heart.
So thank you again for sharing and I hope there are more of this session.
Warm regards from the Netherlands

Raul said...

Agree with Richard, these pictures are stunning and I like the way you took them!
Thanks for your efforts


wayne said...

I see these,and I wonder what her lives have been behind those eye's.What she witnessed.This is invoked when i first took in these photos.
I also must say she reminded me of Andy Warhol in one still shot.

Thank you Rebecca Miller whoever your lovely self is. ~Wane

Iannis said...

Charismatic beauty! Debbie Harry is so gorgeous in these pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

These are very beautiful & elegant pictures of Debbie Harry. Great to see, and i love the clothes.


Daniel said...

Beautiful job (and subject) ;)

Anonymous said...

I love keeping up with you here! Beautiful photos! So talented!! ~Andrea

M Clare said...

Your work never fails to impress me. I am so proud of you. I love looking at the pictures on your site and these are just beautiful.