Jul 28, 2011

Q Magazine and Blackberry

My first of 6 advertorials for Blackberry in Q magazine. Out today!

Jul 25, 2011

Caitlin Moran

Grazia magazine sent me to photograph Caitlin Moran recently as press for her new book "How to be a Woman" I love this woman and can't wait to read her book. Everything that was coming out of her mouth on the day of our shoot was like the little voices in the back of my head that can never seem to work their way out of my mouth in the right way. I wish I could borrow her brain for a little while. 

Jul 22, 2011


On a very rainy Sunday at Columbia Rd. flower market I ran into the back doors of The Royal Oak pub.  There was a couple there, the man/boy had just pulled a ring out and she was about to cry. I stood there for an endless second and felt so lucky to have seen that moment. 
None of these photos here are mine, I just love all of them. 

Jul 14, 2011

Behind the Scenes Nica Spring Summer 2012

We just finished our latest Nica Campaign. We shot in the most beautiful summer house, it was actually 3 summer houses in one very big garden. We wanted a vintage summery feel with bright colors and clashing prints. Another hot hot London day, it was great! Thank you to my lovely team!
Ellie Lines for styling, Marco Antonio for hair and make up, Alex Forsey for Lights, Alex Cornes for assisting and these behind the scenes shots, Clive Farndon for digi, and Penny for production. Our models are Emily TT at Storm and Charlotte.

Jul 8, 2011

Mischa Autumn Winter 2011

We've just finished off the Mischa Campaign. We took our inspiration from all the drama and suspense in Hitchcock films. I loved roaming around in the smoke and darkness while I was shooting. It was so dark in one of these shots I had to direct without even seeing the model. Just flashes going off and then pitch black, like some sort of dream sequence. We listened to Link Wray the whole time. Perfect! Thank you to Steph Wilson for styling, Marco Antonio for Hair and Make up, Alex Forsey for lights and smoke, and Caroline Parker for the retouching. 

Jul 7, 2011

Ben Howard

In a perfect world I would wake up every morning and go surfing and then spend my afternoons making music. My reality is that I've got an irrational fear of sharks and my music making abilities haven't come further than the recorder. This is Ben Howard, and he is living this perfect life.  He reminds me so much of my friends back home in California. We spent a bizarrely hot afternoon running around an old house in London taking pictures for his new album which should be coming out any day now. Thanks to Alex Forsey for his lighting skills and to the Duke of Uke for the fancy guitar.
Dear bootleggers, these images are copyrighted. They are for the use of Ben Howard and his management team. It is illegal to steal these images and sell them in any way.

Jul 6, 2011

Ri2K Autumn Winter 2011

Finally I can post these babies, I'm really happy with the finished shots especially pleased that we've gone black and white for one of them. Yesterday Pippa Middleton was photographed in an Ri2K bag so I imagine crazy sales going on for the brand today. Thanks to Steph Wilson for styling, Marco Antonio for hair and make-up, Alex Forsey for lighting, Helen Macintyre for the set,  and Caroline Parker for the retouching. Our lovely model is Ellen Danes at IMG

Jul 5, 2011

Dear Photograph

This website is so fun, I've already started plotting my own shots. Check the site here.