Aug 4, 2009

My Trip to the Faroe Islands

I had the pleasure of spending last weekend with a small group of people in the Faroe Islands. I was there to photograph Teitur who is a charming young man that makes beautiful music. We spent 5 days touring the island, listening to music at the G Festival, taking pictures, looking for puffins and not sleeping because of only 2 hours of darkness. This is my visual diary of the trip:

Teitur's house and a horse.

James smokes outside Teitur's house.
Sebastian and his two beautiful boys.
English people (and a couple of Welsh ones?) Americans....(Vermont and California) Faroese and Egyptian, and a Danish/Russian/Anglo.
Janine, Teitur and Nico Muhly playing Paradise City I believe.

Jude Rogers turns pages.
Playing video games in church.

The light in the farm.
Teitur and Nico practicing.
Teitur playing with Orka.
Orka and Teitur fans



David photographing Teitur after the show.
Members of Orka
On the way to the show...

Before Teitur goes on.

Teitur's brass band backstage

4am....that is sunlight out there....yikes!

David takes pictures.

Some random portraits...

Aug 1, 2009

My First Book Cover

The book is in Italian, I can't read Italian so I'm just going to assume that this is the best book ever.